All about the Samsung Galaxy S9

Seemingly the rumors go absent roots that in the new Samsung Galaxy S9 (and Galaxy S9 Edge) will return slot for MicroSD memory cards. In theory, in our search at, this selection seems to be proper. Earnings Follow the G4 LG showed that the conclude user has welcomed the reality that LG did not give up so effortless choices like expandable memory.

The amount of inside memory several thanks to the return of assist MicroSD variants will be reduced to 32 or 64 gigabytes, 128 gigabytes version will not be released. The battery is the equivalent and will be everlasting, and the memory card will be found in a special tray (which is outstanding, provided that the Galaxy S5 and previously for her to take out and insert it into a card reader, it was required to consider absent the rear safeguard, which was specifically awkward making use of a whole lot of addresses and bumpers.

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